Product Review: Ogilvy Memory Foam Half Pad

Drum roll please!

The product review that you all have been waiting for – okay, maybe the product review that I have been waiting to write – is finally here!

Ogilvy MemoryFoam Jumper Half Pad.

Ogilvy MemoryFoam Jumper Half Pad.

After weeks of seeing equestrians rave about the Ogilvy half pads, I caved and ordered one from their website. I never really thought I need a half pad because my saddle is custom fit to my horse, and it fits my pony perfectly, but here are the reasons I was swayed into splurging.

  • The half pad allows your saddle, even if custom fit, to fit ANY horse. According to Ogilvy: “[t]he MemoryFoam acts as a buffer that fills any voids between the saddle and the horse, stabilizes the saddle, and provides shock-absorption for the backs of both horse and rider. This half pad will have your saddle fitting perfectly on every horse, even with custom made saddles.”
  • It is good for my back as well as my horse’s back.
  • It comes in different styles. If you’re a hunter, you can get one appropriate for the hunter ring. If you’re a jumper, they have that too. Dressage? Yes, they have that too!
  • It’s anti-slip. I had to search far and wide for an anti-slip pad to use under my horse’s saddle pads because despite the custom saddle fitting, his back is still developing, and it’s damn slippery up there sometimes.
  • Um.. everyone was raving about it. I’m an equestrian, of course I want to be in on the trendy riding equipment.

For my first pad, I ordered conservative white with customization on the withers – it says my name (Jessica). I waited about six weeks (can you say torture?) for it to come in. But I did order it right around Christmas, which is probably when everyone else was ordering it. Custom orders take a longer amount of time, according to Ogilvy’s excellent customer service department, and they didn’t get annoyed at me for my tweets and emails asking how much longer I had to wait :p

When the pad finally arrived, I was super excited. For those of you living under a rock, the Northeast has been transported into the set of Disney’s Frozen. My barn also doesn’t have an indoor, so I couldn’t wait for nice weather so I could use the pad and see if it really lived up to what everyone said it did.

I was too excited that it arrived that I couldn't wait to take it out of the packaging to take a picture.

I was too excited that it arrived that I couldn’t wait to take it out of the packaging to take a picture.

I ride a lot of different horses at my barn. I have two of my own, and sometimes I am asked to school some of the lesson ponies. I also ride a school pony in lessons sometimes as well. I was getting pretty sick of not being able to use my saddle on all the horses I rode because I have a pretty nice, comfortable saddle, if I may say so myself. On two of the ponies (read: chubby-wubbies), my saddle felt like it was about to roll over, no matter how snug the girth was, so I felt more comfortable using the school saddles that fit them (read: my lady parts were NOT happy about the years old lack of padding in the saddle seat).

So, what’s the verdict?

If you don’t want to read the whole post, I’ll get to the point right here: Buy one. Now. You need this in your life, I promise you. Just do it. Go to and order one. I’ve even put a handy link in this post three different times so you can just click-through and order this wonderful piece of half pad heaven with minimal effort.

For those of you that want to hear the details…

Tempo & Me with our new Ogilvy MemoryFoam Jumper Half Pad.

Tempo & me with our new Ogilvy MemoryFoam Jumper Half Pad.

I can really use this pad on every horse I ride. My pony loves it. My horse loves it. I don’t need to use the half pad and the anti-slip pad on my horse. I just use the Ogilvy now. The first time I used my saddle on my barn manager’s son’s pony, my saddle was going EVERYWHERE. I rode for maybe 15 minutes because I was afraid my saddle was going to just slide off the side at any moment – yes, my girth was tightened. The second time I used my saddle on the pony, I used my half pad. No slipping. No rolling. No saddle tilt. I felt comfortable. The pony felt comfortable. He was trotting around like a little hunter pony with his head nice and low. He was giving and using his back. It was marvelous. I made that pony look damn good, er.. well, Ogilvy helped too. The lesson pony I ride had the same roly-poly back that made me feel completely insecure when I rode in my saddle. I used the Ogilvy on him – I was determined to ride in my saddle. Same results. No slipping, rolling, or tilting. He seemed a lot more comfortable too. I also used it on a horse I had to school a few weeks ago, and she behaved perfectly. She can be a little bit.. mareish at times. No issues. Was it really, truly the Ogilvy? Well, I’m not saying it wasn’t the Ogilvy. And, if you think about it, the half pad was the only thing I changed about any of the equipment I was using.

My back does feel better. So, I have a habit of not using my stomach muscles when I jump, which means I’m quite sore after a hard jumping lesson. I also am getting back into jumping, which means muscle memory hasn’t exactly set in yet. Since using this pad, my back has felt a lot better in terms of soreness, especially after a jumping lesson.

The horses I ride seem much happier. Like I said, the ponies seem more comfortable with my saddle. My pony loved the half pad. My horse loved the half pad (and the Ogilvy contour pad I got for Christmas). The horses I ride were giving through and using their back. I feel confident using my saddle on any horse now, and I intend to do so.

Now to the nitty gritty. The half pad is $199.00 unless you opt to get some extra custom details. Like I said, I only got embroidery done. If it’s customized, it will take a bit longer to ship than a stock one (but it’s well worth the wait!) I have not washed my pad yet, but the cover is easily washable, and for mine being white, it hasn’t gotten too dirty. When I first used it, the saddle seemed a bit high on the horse’s back, but that is only because you need to actually sit in the saddle to allow the pad to conform to the horse’s back and your saddle.

If you’re torn between ordering a conservative pad for showing purposes and a pad that has awesome colors, don’t be! I found out that Ogilvy allows custom cover orders. You can order a cover that has the colors you like, or that is white/black, and switch it out with the pad you currently have so that you can easily go to a show and then go to the schooling ring at home. The custom covers are $125, and one of those will be my next purchase. If you have NO idea what colors to order, check out the Ogilvy Instagram account where they regularly post photos of the half pads and saddle pads their customers have ordered (provided by the happy customer, of course).

Their customer service is super helpful and friendly, and I love interacting with their Twitter account. They also sponsor Lillie Keenan, Reed Kessler, and the Phillipaerts brothers (among other top equestrians).

I also saw today that SmartPak is now carrying select Ogilvy products! Talk about the ultimate equestrian company mash-up. Note: You’ll have to order through the Ogilvy website if you want something other than white or black.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you ordered your Ogilvy yet?


    • says

      Seriously, they’re an amazing investment! I never, ever considered getting a half pad for my horses because I was under the impression I only needed half pads for certain conformational issues that make saddle fit hard. This fixes everything! And, if the saddle is already custom fit, it will just distribute pressure more evenly and make things better on your back and your horse’s back. Splurge the next time you can!

  1. Kayly :) says

    I just ordered mine with a grey body and orange and teal piping with my horses name on the left rear! The wait is killing me!!!!!

  2. amanda rodriguez says

    What size is your saddle and pad? I am trying to figureout what size to get! Any info on sizing would be great 🙂

    • says

      Hi Amanda, the Ogilvy website has saddle sizes next to the sizing for the pad on the website. My saddle is a 16″ so I got the “small” size pad which is suitable for 16-16.5″ saddles.

  3. Chelsea says

    Is it really worth it you have a well fitting saddle? My trainer says mine fits great and i don’t need anything and she can be VERY picky about products that don’t have her seal of approval. However, a saddle fitter said it had a little pressure on his back and a touch tight on his shoulder. What do you think?

    • says

      Hi, so I use my saddle on a variety of different horses hence why I originally bought the pad. If the saddle fitter says there’s some pressure, this pad will help. Horses can develop back soreness from poorly fitting saddles, even if the issue is only slight. If you can afford to invest in this pad, I would do it. My barn manager is super, super picky about things as well, so I get your dilemma. But if the saddle fitter says there are some small issues, shouldn’t that mean something since that person is presumably trained to fit saddles? I personally think the pad is worth it. I would recommend it to anyone. A saddle’s fit can change over time especially because a horse will change over time. New muscling can develop. He or she will get older and have their body and back change. No saddle is perfect forever!

      • Chelsea says

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I ended up getting the saddle because the fitter said I needed to go custom and I wasn’t willing to pay 4000+ for that haha and my horse seemed quite comfortable and was moving well under it and everything. This saddle was just kinda the next best thing. It’s just tough with the trainer because I don’t want to order one and then be told I wasn’t allowed to use it haha. Two people at my barn just ordered one so I think I will try one of theirs and see what happens! Thank you very much again 🙂

        • says

          I completely understand. I have a very expensive saddle that fits my one horse, and I can’t exactly drop thousands on another one right now.

          I highly recommend the pad. And when it comes down to it, it’s your horse.. can she really tell you what to use on your horse? 🙂

  4. Rosiee says

    On their website they only have things like Eventing, Jumping, and Dressage listed. Which one would I buy if I only use my pony for long trail (4+ hours) ?

    • says

      That depends… would you like a pad you can’t see under your saddle? I would suggest the hunter one. If you don’t mind how it looks, you could get the jumper or eventing one! What kind of saddle do you have?

  5. Sam says

    You mentioned that you had previously used anti slip pads on your horse, as he was still developing. Did using the ogilvy half pad eliminate the need for an anti slip pad? I have a five year old dutch warmblood who, despite having his saddle fit checked every 3-6 months, seems to have an issue with keeping saddle pads in place. With the way his back is shaped, and the way he moves, saddle pads are constantly sliding back and slipping under his saddle as I ride. The type of saddle pad doesn’t seem to matter either. I was hoping using the ogilvy half pad would solve that problem if it stabilized the saddle and was anti slip in and of itself. Thanks!

  6. says

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  7. Emilie Nordset says

    I really want one with midnight blue as base color, but I’m not sure where to put the orange! I only want these two colors, so can you help me with the piping and binding?

  8. says

    You can now get these throught Equus Now! ( and customize them beyond black and white, rather than going directly through Ogilvy. I don’t know what the benefit is of purchasing through either. The cost is $199+ options and shipping is $9.95. SmartPak (my favorite vendor) still has just the black and white at $229 with free shipping. I just ordered mine through Equus Now! with two piping and monogramming and the cost was $218.

    • Jessica says

      I have the memory foam pad because I use(d) my saddle on different horses, and my current saddle is not a perfect fit to my horse. If your saddle is a custom fit to your horse and fits him perfectly, then the gummy pad is for you. If your saddle is not a perfect fit or if you ride a bunch of different horses every day, the memory foam is the one you need.

  9. Lex says

    Kind of late to the game here, but I have a TB who seems to be a little sore in the muscles around his withers. I can’t tell if its from saddle fit or because I’ve recently bumped up his work ethic from full turn out (and no work) for almost a year, to consistent work. (He’s also only 6.) Would you recommend this pad for that? My saddle was flocked to fit him, but was not custom made for him per se.

    • Jessica says

      Hi Alex! Have you had your horse’s withers checked by a vet? I always recommend this first & foremost before resorting to corrective padding. That way, you can rule out any other issues that might be present. Also, when you bumped up his work, did you do it gradually? He may just be sore from the new change to his workload.

      If you’ve done the above, I think that the Ogilvy will help you. How new is your saddle? If it’s fairly new, you might want to get the thinner a Ogilvy. Additionally, if your saddle fits your horse fairly well but you still want some extra protection, consider getting a gummy pad. These are for saddles that fit a horse’s back extremely well or saddled that were custom made for the horse. The gummy pad is thinner and won’t interfere with the saddle fit, but you can still reap all the benefits!

      Hopefully that helped 🙂 good luck & keep me posted!

  10. Katie says

    I was wondering what thickness pad you use for the memory foam? I see they offer a 1 inch and a 1.25 inch. Which do you use? I ride in a Beval natural and i use it on many different horses such as yourself.

  11. M says

    I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no way this pad can make any saddle fit any horse. If your saddle is too narrow, adding an extra inch of foam is only going to make that problem worse. Memory foam was not not designed as a shock absorbing / high intensity sport related material. Yes, they are pretty. Yes, they are trendy. No, that’s not a reason to put one on your horse. I understand that a memory foam pad may help in some circumstances. However, stating that an ogilvy can make your saddle fit any horse is completely false information.

    • Jessica says

      Thanks for your opinion! I’ll stick with what has worked for my horses and with what has been my experience, and you can stick with what has worked for your horses and what has been your experience. I’ve never had a problem, and the horses I’ve used my Ogilvy on have always responded well to it. I will add that I don’t use my Ogilvy on every horse I ride – this was written quite a bit ago. I look at what the horse needs for the specific saddle I’m using and go from there. Thanks again for your opinion!

      • M says

        I’m glad to hear you’re not blindly putting it on anything and everything. I’m sure the ogilvy pad has its place just like every other pad on the market. I did not mean to come across as snobby btw, I just think it’s important to treat each horse as an individual when assessing saddle fit.

        • Jessica says

          No problem! Everyone has their opinion about half pads, and some are stronger than others. I actually don’t use the Ogilvy on my newest horse. It doesn’t work well for him and actually makes the saddle fit worse.

  12. HorseFix says

    Thank you for this helpful review. I’m getting a new saddle, and I don’t yet have a horse to call my own, so I’m going to order an Ogilvy to use on the many lesson horses I ride -for my comfort and theirs. The manager at my stable has had her Ogilvy pad for 3 years now, and she rides 5 or 6 horses a day, and says it’s still a fantastic pad. She couldn’t recommend it enough. She said it makes her saddle conform comfortably to many different sized horses. Needless to say, after reading your review, I’m going to pull the trigger and get myself a custom pad for Christmas.

  13. says

    Thanks for this! I also have a custom saddle but my guy is young and is finally muscling up so I was looking for something to help the saddle be adaptable between refittings! So glad to hear this works so well for you! Ordering mine now 🙂 PS: I looooove Ogilvy dressage pads too. I ordered a gorgeous custom pad with a cute anchor and my monogram and am getting one for a friend! Love them.

  14. Mur says


    (sorry for my english I am from the Netherlands)
    I am still wondering if I should get the gummy or the memory foam.(?)
    I have a big horse ( 1.73 m) and a smaller one ( I guess 1.65 m) and a saddle from Belgium. It has a lot in common with a Butet.
    The big horse is still developing his muscles so I hope the saddle stays the right size for him. I’d rather not put anything on his back to make everything smaller. But with wich pad can I help him feel more comfortable? I feel like the memory foam gives more pressure on the back but I can be wrong about that of course. And I think the saddle is to wide for the young horse so I guess I will be using the pad only for him.

    • Jessica says

      Memory Foam reduces pressure points and helps fix minor saddle for issues. Gummy is for a custom fit saddle.

  15. Chloe says

    Just ordered one navy with light blue piping and white binding and my initials in white. Just after I ordered it I saw a review of people trashing oglivys, but this has restored my excitement and faith for when it arrives.


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